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Retirement Planning for the Canadian Investor

Retirement Planning is something that many people put off until it's almost too late. At 20, or even 30 years of age, retirement seems like such a long way off that its hard to think about dedicating a portion of your earnings towards the future. The closer you get to retirement however, the more important retirement planning becomes.

Unfortunately, the investment required to reach retirement goals is directly related to the number of working years you have left. The earlier you start planning for retirement, the better.

The effect of compound interest on your investments can be staggering.

Run a few numbers through the Retirement Calculator using different scenarios and see what I mean.

Special Report: How to de-register your RRSPs without taking a huge tax hit!

Financial Commentary - Planning Retirement? Mutual Funds, RRSPs, money management, insurance, investments;  the opportunities and strategies available to the Canadian investor are constantly changing.

LIFE LETTER mature... - January and February's LLMature deals with what you need to know about diabetes, and discusses a great new opportunity to split income.

MultiMedia Business Card - Please allow me to introduce myself. Check out my new Multimedia Business Card online.

Borrowing to Invest - Make your money work harder for you. Leveraged Investment Strategies are not just for the rich! Could it work for you?

Tax Strategies - Are there any tax savings available to you throughout the year? Not too many!

What is a Financial Advisor? - The role of a financial advisor has changed dramatically over the years. What can he do for you now?


Plan to Retire Comfortably - Whether you're nearing retirement, or in the early planning stages, there are some important questions and options you should consider.

How it pays to stay invested - History tells us that the market spends more time in positive growth (bull markets) than negative (bear markets). Please review the following charts prepared by Mackenzie Financial Corporation:

Bull and Bear Markets for the S&P Composite Index since 1956.

Bull and Bear Markets in the S&P/TSX Composite Index since 1956

Annual Review Checklist - Help to keep your Financial Security Program up-to-date.

Retirement Calculator - Planning for your retirement years can be complicated. Discover how much to save each year and the interest rates you need to acheive your goals.

F.Y.I. - Investment theories, concepts and ideas.

Client's Comments - What do clients of Mathisen Financial, Inc. have to say?

Estate Planning - A large portion of your estate could be lost to taxes, fees, administrative expenses and probate. Estate taxes alone can reduce an estate by as much as 55%.

Financial Planning - You need to do what is necessary to preserve and protect your present lifestyle, while preparing for your future income needs.

For a Graphic Overview of our Business Process - Click Here!

The Cycle of Market Emotions - Getting emotional about investments can easily lead to poor decisions as investors fall prey to negative thoughts and fears. This chart helps to illustrate the emotional aspects of investing.

"Using Other People's Money - When we "Dollar-Cost-Average" into the market, - say, with $100.00, $500.00 or $1,000.00 per month - even under the best market conditions, it will take us a long time to make substantial gains.

But how about starting with an initial investment of $25,000.00; $50,000.00, or $100,000.00, using Other People's Money? In this case, you can use the money of MANULIFE BANK. And the best part of this approach is: Canada Revenue and Customs will pay 50% of your cost of borrowing. Please read the article, "Using Other People's Money", for details. And you can contact me at any time for more information about this unique investment opportunity."

Do you need a plan in place for a "rainy day"? September/October 2009 LIFE LETTER addresses this question and discusses some of the lessons we can learn from the wealthy.

Hopefully, these pages can give you an insight as to the different investment products, financial services, strategies and tips that you may not have known were available to you.   

Mathisen Financial Inc. can introduce you to a variety of unique and competitively priced insurance products, Mutual Funds and investment opportunities designed to fit your specific financial situation.

Feel free to call, or email Hans Mathisen if you require assistance, or more information on mutual funds, insurance or retirement planning.

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